LOG VF-419


LA Light studies


I’m a comic fan. Progress of my Saturday Hulk sculpt.

Zug (train) sketches

Some sketches while I was on the train in Scotland and Berlin.


The 65

Today I finished illustration number 65 for the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland for an architectural festival in Scotland. I was part of a small team of illustrators who were incredibly fast and excellent. The theme was architecture in Science fiction. Here is the last one in progress. It was a quick turn around, at the end I did 9 a day. Ok that was only one day but you get the point. It was my zone limit. ;P


And here is the last one finished and the pile of pen and ink drawings.


We had a nice cafe dinner afterwards.


Each were done in a B/W vintage comic or architectural sketch style.

2015 - The Martian (Douglas Prince)

It was fun.

1957 - Googie Architecture - Lautner

I get a plane ride to Scotland next week to see it finished and up on the walls. I can’t wait.

Martian Aerial Officer

This was an older one which I updated a couple of weeks ago during movie night.

For those that might have noticed I rebooted my blog. Since its new I changed a few things before I got going. 😉

LOG-04192016: My Late Birthday Present

So yesterday was my birthday and it was a great sunny day in Berlin but today I got my present in the mail! Im very happy to be able to hold the actual product in my hand. I am happy to say that I’m thrilled with the result. Aside from some very minor paint job tweaks everything else is perfect. The squeaker is awesome and the duck itself couldn’t be more perfect they matched my colors and being my first printed 3-D model they did an incredible job making sure the details held up. Dthulhu is now going into production and I cant wait to start shipping these out. I’m a proud father.

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